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Insta Recharge Powder offers professional temporary colouring solutions for in-between salon appointments. A dermatologically tested formula, developed with a combination of minerals and colour pigments which instantly adheres to the hair. For results that easily conceal and optically fill roots, whilst fading away within the next shampoo.

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This 4-in-1 powder is the perfect solution for the time between two colour services, as well as an eyebrows be toner. With a dermatologically tested formula developed from a combination of minerals and pigments. It can be as approach powder, which precisely there covers the disturbing white approach, where it is necessary apply. As a highlight learners between two colour services. Also for the optical compression so that the hairline immediately visible dense and full effect. And as powder for eyebrows, be they emphasised and defined.
– Dermatologically tested formula
– Minerals and pigments
– Approach powder
– Highlight learners
– Optical compression
– Defining eyebrows
Brush for precise application of vertexes and approach. Foam tip for precise application and to the definition of the eyebrows. Apply to washed, dry hair. Brush through the hair to remove product residue and residue.
Insta recharge powder with the wide side of the brush using a dabbing motion apply directly to the body. Repeat until the desired coverage is achieved.
Part the hair naturally or desired. Keep the hair flat and tight. The wide side of the brush can be used for wider color strands, the narrow side for natural effects.
Tip: The foam tip enables ultra fine natural colour effects.
Insta recharge powder brush using a dabbing motion apply directly to the body. Repeat until the desired result is achieved.
Start on the inside of the eyebrow and work out the desired shape with the foam tip.
Wella Insta Recharge Powder Medium Blonde

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Black, Blonde, Light Blonde, Light Brown, Mid Brown


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